Teen Connection Group

Teen Connection Group

For teens who struggle with emotional blocks leading to low self-esteem and want to feel confident and in control

Teens commonly experience a sense of loneliness, extreme pressures from school and peers, difficulties with motivation and focus, feelings of being “out of control” due to negative thoughts which keep them up at night and in unstable relationships that can be destructive to their self-image.

Teen Connection Group is the most effective way to:

  • Create a sense of belonging
  • Develop healthy peer relationships
  • Understand and evaluate self better
  • Set life goals
  • Access safe space to share things that teens typically feel unable to speak about
  • Gain support from peers
  • Learn how to communicate clearly
  • Learn weekly coping skills to stay on track with goals
  • Gain a sense of purpose in giving to each other.
  • Get to know (and love!) themselves

I have been working with teens for over 20 years and have extensive experience in running groups. I help people who feel lonely and stuck begin to move and connect again so that they can feel confident and successful in their everyday lives.

*Please note: The Teen Connection Group is not under my therapeutic services. These services are being performed as teen coaching and parenting coaching.

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